Tuesday, August 28, 2012

187 Mobstaz - We Don't Die We Multiply (WDDWM) Official Music Video


187 Mobstaz - We Don't Die We Multiply (WDDWM) Official Music Video -- This could be one of your most anticipated music videos in the Pinoy Underground Rap scene, featuring the awesome talents comprising 187 Mobstaz, with their multi-diversified rap styles and skills.

As they dedicate this work to Reagan "CHUBB-B" Manabat (1976 - 2010), this 14:45 minutes music video is one jam-packed rap music score that will swing your most provocative thoughts with regards to appreciating our local talents in the hip-hop grounds.

187 MOBSTAZ - WE DONT DIE WE MULTIPLY (WDDWM) Official Music contains a video uploaded by YouTube user . Thanks for the upload!

Let's watch the video (WARNING: Some obscene lyrics and passages maybe found in some lines delivered by some rappers, which could be offensive to some, so please beware):

The video arrangement is excellent! One suggestion though - the rapper's names flashing time could have been allowed to stay on screen for another 4 or 6 seconds for clarity and better display. That way, the artist's names will be better featured and introduced to a wide audience. Otherwise, WDDWM is a bomb when it comes to message delivery, lyricism, style and history. There were some auto-tunes along the way but it was perfectly blended with the rappers' raw verses.

Way to Go 187s! We need more videos and rap music projects like this!

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  1. pano ko makikita ung lyrics ng WE DON'T DIE WE MULTIPLY PM nio ko